Monday, September 17, 2012

Too much is too much

When a parent or a guardian's push towards Eagle is too much, it soon becomes apparent to me some focus too much on the silly award - instead of focusing on the trip to Eagle, they focus only on the end of the trip.  Eagle or bust!  Soon the boy has checked out and isn't doing anything to earn the award and actually working against the efforts of parents.

Of course we know that Eagle is important and it would benefit every boy that earns it.

So what do you tell an over bearing parent or guardian whose sun sets on the fact that their kid WILL earn Eagle?  After going round and round with a parent I said this (below) and gave them a copy of Mike Rowe's Letter to a Life Scout.
"Remember the choice is ultimately his and he will be the one to live with the fact that he earned Eagle or he didn't.  This will be the ultimate lesson in accountability."


Eric the Half-bee said...

Something else Mike Rowe said recently,

"It's not the medals [badges], it's his mettle."

Clarke Green said...

Good luck with that.
You will never change a hard-driving parent's mind. I have learned not to frustrate myself by trying.
Parents want what they want, they raise their children the way that seems best to them, it's not the role of a Scout leader to tell them how to do this, nor is it the fault of a boy if his parents aren't ideal in one way or another - he had no choice in the matter.
A Scout who completes all the requirements and passes a board of review is an Eagle Scout. Folks can argue (and they do) till the cows come home about how he did it and how much help he had and if he's any good - but he's an Eagle Scout.
There aren't degrees of Eagle Scout - just Eagle Scouts.

Fishgutts said...

The boy I speak of is a Star Scout and has decided to be active in the Team but doesn't want to advance. Uncle is bound and determined for him to be Eagle. In fact, he has been treating the boy poorly because he doesn't want to be Eagle. I am having a sit down with both Aunt, Uncle and boy on Sunday to see where we boy are. I have tried to explain to Uncle that Eagle is only part of the journey.