Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1st Mud Race

Time has slowly been counting down indicating that this weekend will be my first mud 5K with a race every weekend for the next month.  Tough Mudder is in 3 weekends and I couldn't be less prepared for it.  I have tried though.  Working out twice every day and trying to prepare myself mentally for the torture that is going to be these races.  My 4th of July 10K just knocked the love of races out of me.  Some how the sun was in my eyes the whole way and it just wasn't enjoyable due the heat.  At least with the mud race(s), I will be getting wet and that might help with the whole hot issue.  Plus the weather in hotter than hell Texas has seemed to have calmed down.

And I bought my first pair of running tights.  I make these look good.

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