Thursday, August 2, 2012

Eagle Project Almost Done

Dear Scout Leaders:

Scout W came to me last night to get approval for his Eagle Scout Project.  In discussions with him, he had already done a significant amount of work without all the proper signatures in place.  It is of great importance that all boys do no "start" their Eagle Project until they have all 4 signatures in place for their Eagle Scout Project.  Preliminary planning is OK.  Implementation of that plan is not.  Boys who start projects and do not get all the proper signatures could be forced to start over or do another project due to it not being a "good and approved" project.  Normally our District does not approve blood drives as most of the work is preformed by the blood collection company (per the Guide to Advancement).  The one and only thing that caused me to sign off on Scout W's project is that he has over 40 people signed up do give blood.  He even drafted me.  Please, please, please in the future make sure your Scouts do not start implementing or start their Eagle Scout Projects until all signatures are received.  This might be a good thing for parents to know as well.  I am pretty lenient when it comes to mistakes but other members of the Advancement Committee for the District may not be and I know all of us do not want a boy to have to do two Eagle Projects.

For future reference from the new Guide to Advancement: “Proposal Must Be Approved … Before You Start”

From time to time Scouts will “jump the gun” and begin fundraising efforts—or even work on the project itself—before a proposal is approved. This is counter to the requirements and well covered in multiple documents, but still it happens. Normally then, a Scout should select a different project. If circumstances are compelling, however—indicating lenience can be extended and a lesson learned without significant detriment to fulfilling the project’s purpose—the Scout can be allowed to carry on and have his proposal or project approved after-the-fact.

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