Monday, June 18, 2012

My son and Scout Camp

My ex wife text me on Sunday before Scout Camp telling me my son was running a temprature of 102 and throwing up.  Later that day she found out her sister died of an overdose.  So with that information she decided my son couldn't go to Scout Camp.  I was extremely upset that she didn't allow him to go especially when with limited text service I got a text from my son telling me that he was at a Ranger Game less than half way through Summer Camp.  I can't help but think that maybe she was trying to screw with me..........but that isn't what this post is about.

I returned on Saturday to all of my kids.  My possession for my bio three started the day before I got home and my wife picked them up for me.  Today, Monday, the Teachers left for Arkansas for High Adventure.  They are going to be hiking about 40 miles.  Last night, I wondered out loud if my son would be interested in going even though he is not yet 14.  He told me he was very interested.  So when the YMP came over for dinner, I asked him if he was willing to take him.  And he was.  And the Scoutmaster was interested too (the Scoutmaster was my assistant).  So late last night he packed and this morning he left with a very heavy backpack and determination in his eyes.

I hope he does well.  I hope he has a great experience.  I hope all the boys do well.  I am grateful for good Scout leaders that will be there with him.

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