Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Bishop pay for my radiator!"

On the way to Scout Camp at 3 AM, my radiator overheated and died.  Luckily I was only 20 minutes from  camp and 5 minutes from town.  We pushed all the boys in another car and went to camp.  Checked in and got them to class to turn around and tow my car to a radiator shop (small town Texas baby!).  They could have really taken advantage of me but it only ended up costing me $250 to fix.  Told the Bishop yesterday to cut a check to pay for my radiator.  I was in the service of my calling; they should pay for it, right?  :)  He just laughed.

I personally take this as a triumph because I could have let it ruin the rest of my day and upset me but we were rolling with the punches all week and we overcame!!  Normally I would have freaked out but not last week.

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