Friday, May 11, 2012

Varsity Scouting in Utah National Parks Council

I am really impressed with the Varsity Program that the Utah National Parks Council runs.  They have a great newsletter that they put out each month.  Click here to go to the page and look for a link that says Varsity Vision Newsletter.

I wish there were a way to transplant some of those Scouters here in the Bible Belt.  Or even better, I wish there were a way to get some Scouters here motivated for Varsity Scouting.


On Target GSLC said...

Ken Cluff (an avid On Target promoter) is the editor of the VV (Varsity Vision) and he does a great job!

There is also a new 14 hour (adult & Team) hands-on, immersive, Varsity training course by the same name that was piloted in the UNP & Great Salt Lake (GSL) Councils last year that I hear is AWESOME! I wonder if the trainers would be willing to do a roadtrip to Texas to hold one in your District/Council?

John, N7TEK

Tory said...

I wish we could transplant a few within the council to my district.