Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My portion of the Troop Guide Presentation for Wood Badge 101

I pulled most of this from the Varsity Manuals....................  Everyone else was stuck writing their own script.  Copy and paste is much easier and it put everything I felt into the right words.

The Outdoors - Retention

The outdoors puts the sparkle into the Scouting program.  It is a classroom without walls and is a laboratory for fun Scouting experimentation.  The outdoors strips away the cell phones, the TVs, the game consults and every other distraction this busy world uses to get the attention of the boy.  An outdoor experience stimulates good citizenship through teamwork and opportunities for leadership.  It emphasizes spirituality by bringing young people closer to nature. It connects individuals to the land, helping them develop a bond of respect for, and stewardship of, wild places and wild things.

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