Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Leave No Trace vs. Low Impact (Bush Craft)

This is an interesting article on Leave No Trace as compared to Low Impact.

My personal feels are is that in limited situations using what is in the area where we camp and hike is smart.  Imagining that a stick or leaves would have gone undisturbed had I not been there sort of gets all over me.  I respect where I am.  I don't make new trails (though I will use animal trails) and I use fire rings.  I guess fire is on of my biggest issues with LNT.  If I don't come home smelling like fire, why would my wife even want to touch me?  It is man perfume.  I have no problem digging a hole to use the bathroom or carrying out my trash.  In fact, we should have been practicing this for a long time.

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Tory said...

I think you and I are pretty well on the same page here, probably along with most Scouters. We like to minimize our impact where we can, but we don't get too upset about the nit-picky stuff that some do.

Furthermore, I think that the Bush Craft kind of stuff described in the article is what Scouting was founded on--being able to take care of yourself in the outdoors, and learning some life lessons along with it.

To me the key is in the phrase "A Scout is Courteous."