Friday, May 18, 2012

Mormon Dance = Torture

In the LDS Church, Scout leaders often serve as youth ministers.  At times we are called upon to do some of the most horrible, torturous things known to chaperon a dance.

The music is horrible.  Where is the country music and the 80 music???

The kids don't dance.  What is the point in coming???

The kids come to talk and hand out.  No one will ask anyone to dance.  Our DJ in our Stake is pretty good other than the lack of Brooks, Black, Shelton and various artists from the 80s.  She begs them to dance.  They just won't do it.

Last night 2 additional Stakes were invited and it is very clear our Stake doesn't have the same dress standards as others.  My wife and I were shocked by the amount of leggings with nothing to cover them, tight dresses, tight jeans (leaving NOTHING to the imagination) and revealing clothes.  If I sounds judgmental, it is because I am.  Don't parents look at what they kids leave wearing?  Good grief........

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