Sunday, April 8, 2012

Quality Assistant GONE

I heard today from the Scoutmaster (and 2nd C in the YW) that he is going to be released and my first quality Assistant Varsity Coach in 4 years (and 5 men) will be the new Scoutmaster.  Again, to me it appears my Ward leadership doesn't understand tenure.  When I was called into Scouting 4 years ago, I was told to plan on having my calling for 10 years.  Each Scout leader was also told this.  I am the only one left after 4 years.  Ya, the Scoutmaster needed to be released because even though he was an Eagle Scout he didn't even understand how to use a blue card but still.  Venturing Adviser is in the Bishopric now and he is the one pulling the strings on this idea.

I have said it before and I am saying it again, this might be the straw that breaks the camel back.  Our Troop has 5 boys.  My Team has 10.  Nothing like under cutting my Team which is almost on its feet after 4 years.  I am so upset I can't even explain it without curse words.  This is why LDS Scouting will never be able to be a "true" Scouting unit.  A tentative resignation letter may be written this week.  Some in the LDS faith might say it doesn't work this way.  You are right, it doesn't.  But I have integrity in the work (my calling) that I do and I will not continue to have no support from the Bishopric, no support from a Scout Committee that expects me to do it all and parents who expect the same.  I am burnt out.  I am not going to continue to be a part of a broken wheel and act like it isn't broken.  I will find a community troop, trade in my orange, sit in the back of the room and be an ASM somewhere else.

The soon to be released Scoutmaster is going to Wood Badge this week.  So is my Assistant.  And so is the Venturing Adviser.  I am going to staff.  I am so hot............


Eric the Half-bee said...

That's unfortunate for you, but think of it as backhanded compliment: you've done such a good job prepping him, that he's able to jump in and provide a quality program for the younger boys.

Fishgutts said...

I am tired of doing it all. He will have 5 boys and I will have 10! I wrote a 4 page resignation letter. I am torn about sending it.