Sunday, April 1, 2012


This is an interested article on bullying.

In my Troop, Team and Crew we call tearing someone down "shooting their bucket".  We are constantly harping and reminding boys to not shoot each other buckets.  Church and Scouts should be the last place this stuff should happen - plain and simple.  I have no patience.  NONE for boys tearing each other down.  At times when we do reflections I must remind them to not comment or shoot each others buckets.

My children have suffered from "forms of bullying" like gossiping.  I don't think we can or should shield them from all of it because we don't want thin skinned kids and there is just no possible way to perfectly protect them.  Just like we shouldn't be shielding them from the world, we should be helping them see the reality of the world and how to deal with it/not be part of it.

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