Thursday, October 27, 2011

Varsity is well and alive in the Dallas area

For those of you who don't think so, I wish you were at lunch with me today.

About 3 weeks back, I contacted the University of Scouting about Varsity classes needing to be added.  You can read the whole story here.  Someone at the UoS gave me a name of a guy in the Dallas area that might be willing to teach a class.  I contacted him and he set up a meeting at lunch today with some Varsity resources in the area.  I was shocked when 5 other men (two Bishops who have been Varsity Coaches, run the program, love the program and have served in or near the program since the 80's) walked through the door of a BBQ place in town.  I presented them with my list of classes (Varsity Letter and Denali Award class has been changed to Varsity Advancement).  They started listing off Coaches in that Stakes in the Dallas area that would probably teach.  Each of these men promised me that they would contact these Coaches and get back to me.  One of the Bishops was a course director at at least 2 Wood Badge courses with another coming up.  The other Bishop has served on multiple other Wood Badge courses.  Another gentlemen is returning to Philmont this summer to staff his second Wood Badge Course.  I didn't get too much time to talk to the two others.

One of the Bishops asked me to contact a member in the area that serves as the secretary for the LDS BSA Relations Committee in the area to publicize the event.  He also is getting me contact information for all the Stake Young Men Presidencies in the Council so I can blast them information on the event soon.

I left the meeting rejuvenated.  I left the meeting floating on air.  I left feeling like I had elevated myself at least for the time we were together with great LDS Scouters. 

If you are in the DFW area and want to be a part of this awesome-ness, contact me.

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