Tuesday, September 13, 2011

University of Scouting

I got tired of going to the University of Scouting and not having classes to select from.  In February 2011, I wrote an email and was asked to put together a list of classes for this coming up UofS for Varsity Coaches.  I heard crickets since I sent that email.  Today I shook the bush and I got some response.  Here are the ideas for classes.

University of Scouting 2012
Varsity Scout Specific Classes Ideas

  • Teaching the Team Method (Patrol method) [14] – Using Team leadership to have a boy run program.  Practicing “arm chair” Scouting and how to get to that point.  Practicing not doing anything that a boy could do for himself after giving him a great example to follow.
  • Varsity Team Organization [19] – Discuss the Team organization and how the Team functions to be effective.
  • Training Varsity Scout Team Leaders (Youth) [161-179] – Helping Teams be effective through training Captain, co-Captains, Squad leaders and Program Managers on what their position responsibilities are. 
  • Varsity Program Features Volumes 1 through 3 – Discuss the three volume program features and the ideas for High Adventures.
  • Using Varsity’s 5 Fields of Emphasis (Personal Development, Service, Advancement, High Adventure/Sports and Special Programs/Events) [27] - Discuss the 5 fields of Emphasis and how to help boys run these parts of the Varsity program to have an effective Team.
  • Varsity Team Annual Planning [181-189] – How to create an Annual Team Plan through using programs features.  How to plan for success through planning.  Implementing weekly meeting themes through using the annual plan.
  • Varsity Letters and Denali Awards [139-140] – Discuss how using the Varsity program should lead to boys earning their Varsity Letter and Denali Award.  Discuss how these awards are part of the program and their requirements and how they compliment the trail to Eagle Scout.  Discuss the requirements of these awards.
  • Varsity Huddle at Roundtable [201] (for District Commissioners and District Executives) – How to utilize Varsity Huddle to help train Varsity Coaches/Teams.  How to train a Varsity Huddle Commissioner.

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