Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I am feeling very beat down when it comes to my Team right now.  I can't seem to do anything to motivate or inspire them.  I do a better job of loving them and knowing the "Scout way" but when it comes to the motivating department of my Scout calling I suck.  I take their failure personally.  I get to know them and learn what makes them tick and try to use that information to get them to do the things they know they should.  I guess some of my true frustration comes from the fact that other boys are getting a less than decent program because of my inability to be a good Coach.  I can't get them to lead!  I hate agency.

I am a much better Training Committee member.  I am a much better Advancement Committee member.  I am a horrible Coach.  "Those who can't do, teach" is a saying I have heard before and right now that is me.  How do I justify being a Huddle Commissioner at Roundtable when my own unit struggles?  How do I justify training new Coaches when my own unit struggle?  I have never been so humble when it comes to doing a job.  I can't do things the right way it seems.  Obviously there is a lesson in there other than I suck.  I guess I need to just explore that.

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Fishgutts said...

As you can tell, I am a half empty type of guy sometimes.