Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Games with a Purpose

Games with a purpose are a great way to "trick" your boys (not matter the age) into learning as long as you give them the opportunity to reflect on the game afterwards.  You can't just play the game and expect them to reflect on it later.  You must do it as soon as the game is over.  Remember what each boys says so when you interact with them in the future, you can use that a cue on what they learn and how they learn.  I will write more later about "thorns and roses" reflection.  If I don't, remind me. 

So after playing a game, get in a circle.  Sometimes it is appropriate to hold hands.  This way everyone has a clear view of everyone else.  Everyone will be on the same level.  Only one person is allowed to speak at a time and all words must be uplifting.  What one person learns, another may not.  Some are learning on much different levels. 

I will be sharing with you some games that my boys love to play.  So much so, that they ask to play certain games over and over.  We reflect on the game no matter if they have played it before because people act differently.  Sometimes someone might be helpful one time and not another.  This is a good time to compliment the boy during the game reflection. 

I started using this process after taking a COPE mentoring course where I was going to learn to teach on a COPE course for the BSA.  The training has taken so long to complete that I am sure it outdated and hence I am not trained but some of the concepts I learned, have stuck with me.  Devoting 15-20 minutes of your meeting ensures that the boys are having FUN!  Scouting is supposed to be fun!  It runs them out of energy so you can accomplish whatever your meeting has scheduled.  They have energy to mess with one another during the meeting.  And you can let a boy lead this process once you have modeled it for them correctly.

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