Thursday, June 30, 2011

Scout Camp

My son cut his finger at Scout Camp yesterday with his new knife.  The Scoutmaster also said he seems kind of discouraged that he has to take classes to get him up to speed on his ranks instead of fun merit badges.  This is my letter to him:


Hope your finger is feeling better after you cut yourself.  I will be taking your knife but when you get home we can talk about when you will get it back.  I want to know how you cut your finger so we can make sure it doesn’t happen again.  Don’t worry, you will have it back quickly if you follow the rules of knives. 

I know you classes are probably not all fun.  It is hard sometimes sitting in class when it is so hot.  Please know that by the end of the summer you will be close to, if not, First Class.  The requirements you are working on will set the foundation for your Scouting and you becoming an Eagle Scout.  Just think, I had to sit through those same types of classes and pass off the same requirements you did.  By the time you get this letter, you will only have one day left of classes.  As the scriptures say “Be of good cheer…..”  I never even got to go to Scout Camp.  I had to do most of my requirements at home with Gonny (and it was soooooooo boring). 

I am very proud of you.  Going to Scout Camp for the first time with so much excitement and getting closer to Eagle.  You are a good son.  You make me proud.  I love you very much. 

With Love,

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