Thursday, June 30, 2011


Saturday I spent 18 hours at or traveling to Jubilee.  I spent almost all of that time in our Stake's room watching over all the kids stuff performing security.  It was a long day but I was glad I was there to see the kid's that participate actually enjoying the fruits of their labor.  I mentioned to the Stake Young Women's Secretary (who is in our ward) that I am glad it would be over soon and I could get back to some Scouting (he husband is the former Scoutmaster for our ward).  Another leader overheard me say this and she said to me "Oh, you are one of those leaders."  I asked her what she meant.  She said that all of the Young Men Leaders (Scout leaders too) in her ward had just disappeared for six months and had not been participating.  Before I could defend myself, the Stake YW Secretary said "Oh he isn't one of those leaders.  He may not like Jubilee but he has been at every practice with only one boy participating."

I am glad she said something to this other lady or I would have probably said something very mean.  Jubilee has replaced Scouting for 6 months.  83% of my Team has gone inactive on Wednesday nights.  I am glad it is over so we can do some Scouting.

Last night we had our first meeting (a service project) and only one boy showed up.  How can you not say that Jubilee has effected the Scouting program?

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