Sunday, May 15, 2016

Wood Badge 117

If I think back to Wood Badge 91, it was a blur and probably the reason I have said yes so many times to staffing a Wood Badge course. It is a chance for me to review the syllabus and relearn the things I was taught on my course. I semi-recently had to drop out of staffing a course due to a divorce. My kids needed me more than the course did. It was heart breaking to make that call even though I know it was the right choice. I was pretty sure that was going to put a black mark on me and it was going to be years before I staffed again but luckily I have awesome friends. David the course director who I had served on previous courses with invited me to serve and I was glad to do it. I taught the Servant Leadership presentation. You won't get any of the Wood Badge secrets from me but I will share one of the videos I used in my presentation along with some ideas.

  • Don't limit those we serve. Don't tell them what they can do and what they can't. You will be surprised what they can do when you expect great things!
  • We should grow just like those we serve grow. 
  • We should never assume those we serve can or can't do something.
  • Those with "disabilities" are resources and can do many and great things!
  • Encourage the heck out of those you serve.
  • Don't ask those you serve to do anything you can't or wouldn't be willing to do!
  • Love those you serve!
  • Love those you serve!!
  • Love those you serve!!! (If you don't love them, find a way to love them!)

The blindfold in this movie was used to remove our own expectations of ourselves! We can go further than we ever imagine. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!!

Staff and participant water bottles.

I served as an assistant quartermaster on Wood Badge 117. I know everyone works hard but I have never been so tired on a course ever. Not even as a Troop Guide. The kitchen is no joke. The food was ridiculously good even if I say so myself. I made close to 100 pounds of Dr Pepper pulled pork. It was so good.
I was surrounded by some really good people. Some I knew and some I got to know. Wood Badge attracts some really good people. Really good.

Wood Badge and Goruck go together.
Kathy and I in the kitchen.

Is that Lord Baden Powell?
Dr Pepper Pulled Pork. Oh ya.....
My presentation.
Campfire time!!

Digging flag pole holes in the mud.

Flag poles complete!!

And to think I will be the Quartermaster on Wood Badge 120. I couldn't be more EXCITED by be staffing my 4th course!!!

You will hear more from me on Wood Badge soon. I want interviewed for a buddy's blog about who I am as a Dad and Wood Badge came up.

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Chris said...

I'm putting in for assistant quartermaster for WB120!!