Thursday, May 12, 2016

High Highs and Low Lows

I haven't blogged a ton lately. Busy, kids, work transition, life transition, Church responsibilities and Wood Badge course.

The past month have been filled with some very highs and some very lows.

Wood Badge was a high. A HUGE high. I will blog about that this weekend. I will just say this -- I made more awesome friends and connected with existing friends more. Hardly any sleep but it was GREAT!!!

One of my co-worker's son was in a car accident where he left his vehicle and was disoriented enough after the accident that he jumped into a river. It has been 6 days. We haven't heard from him. I still hold out hope. I even spend a part of my day off yesterday looking for him with a coworker. The poison ivy, black berry thorns and cat's tails were crazy thick. It was some major bush-wacking. Leave No Trace didn't happen. I was blazing a trail like no other. This breaks my heart. No parent should ever have to worry about their child like this. Because of this, it has created an opportunity to serve. I told my coworkers I was going to do some freezer meals for the family and they handed over some cash. I was only going to do 2 but I think I have enough resources to make about 6. Maybe more. I am glad my coworker accepted help. She generally doesn't. I am glad my coworkers want to serve our friend.

I got to spend some time with my sister's family. Two 4 year old twins and a one year old. I wanted to lighten my sister's load while there. I think I did. My nephews are AWESOME! Smart and funny. Hilarious even. Every time I leave from visiting them I cry a little. Not sure why other than I am an emotional dude. I love my family a lot. A ton! I wish they lived closer. I wish I was less busy with life. Being called Uncle Chad is awesome!!

Recently I have transitioned to working back in the office. I have been put in charge of some employees. It has been interesting because I know all the employees but this is the first time they have worked with personally in years let alone let me manage them. Inter office personal relationships are interesting. Employees with rough edges have come to head quickly but I have decided just like I did at Wood Badge as a Troop Guide I am going to find ways to serve at work and make sure they know I love them. I think it is working. I have already been offered another promotion with more people work. Today I scored major points when both the front and the back of the office was short handed. I bounced between sides and made sure jobs that would not get done were done to make stress on others was lessened. Hopefully I am putting trust in our relationship bucket. Some day I might need to use that trust and love to help "correct" issues. Yesterday while searching for a coworkers friend I discovered why one of the challenging employees might be taking life's frustration out on others. I don't want to share it here but it is serious. Our personal lives do effect our work life. 

My sister and I were almost in a car accident. In fact, I should start in December. A close friend and I were coming home from visiting some of my family in the area and we witnessed a drunk drive CREAM another car. I jumped out with my first aid kit and Anna called 911. It was crazy insane. The drunk drive actually had hit someone else a mile up before creaming the other car. That didn't stop him. Jump forward to this past week and a honking horn saved us being t-bones. I jumped out again and my sister Christy called 911. Fast forward 25 minutes an the police showed up. Everyone was safe but we were literally inches from being involved in this accident. Everyone involved in the accident was fine. No air bags deployed which I found odd as they were going fast enough for airbags to deploy. My sister would have been hit right in her door. I am very grateful to not have been involved in that accident and also grateful to be able to help in some very small, small way.

I am working out more. I hate it. I love it. Some day I will be skinny.

Relationships are hard. I suck at them. 

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