Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Men Are Not Evil*

Today I spent an hour helping prepare for Cub Camp. I was the only dude for miles. Not a single woman said 2 words to me. I tried to say something to two of them but I got stares back at me. I got some very weird looks from these women. So let me be blunt - just because I came to help with a "craft" doesn't make me a weirdo (I like to help Scouts hence I came), doesn't mean I am going to attack you and doesn't mean I am gonna hurt your kids. I have never felt so socially removed from a group -- I guess it is for the best anyways.

They were also more concerned about bad mouthing their husbands within their own little "social groups". I don't have friends who bad mouth their spouses. It is one of the things on my checklists of requirements for friends. No matter how bad things are, if you have problems in your marriage keep it in your marriage unless you are seeking counseling.  Men are not idiots because they are men and women are not weak because they are women.

So women, stop doing it.
So men, stop doing it and don't do it.

I am not a bad dude. And yes I am learning to sew.

*This post isn't imply that women are evil either.

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Chris said...

I find myself in some awkward situations too - my hobbies are gardening and cooking. Not really "manly" hobbies. I was taught to sew, iron, cook, and clean as a kid. Oh - and I love kids.
But I've been in your shoes - no one to talk to, and no I'm not a perv because I choose to help with kids. This happens a lot at my daughter's volleyball games too.