Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Return from Wood Badge Weekend #2

Wow.  How the heck do you even put into words staffing a Wood Badge course again?  I really don't know but I am sure going to try.

I came home tired as all get out, sad that it was all over, my feet throbbing, energized to see what is going to be done and happy that I think our staff conveyed the message we were supposed to convey.  Our SPL whispered into my ear at the end of the course that her last presentation kind of didn't go the way she wanted.  I whispered back it wasn't really important the message she conveyed but how she made those being trained felt.  And she had done a great job -- she is just way too hard on herself.  (She will be a course director next year for the "LDS"/Sunday Observant Wood Badge Course and I am very sure she will do a great job!!)

I will honestly say I will miss a lot of the inside jokes, the picture below being one of them.  Does that sock and baby shoe on the walking stick below creep anyone out beside me?  I will miss hanging out with friends.  I will miss each day thinking about what I can do to help the course out thought I have already sent emails to participants who wanted my help with Varsity specific issues.  Obviously my life isn't over because Wood Badge is over but like service to others I always get more out of Wood Badge then I gave.  I also think getting this "retraining" as a staffer makes me a better father, better husband, better employee and better Scouter.

I served as Assistant Senior Patrol Leader on this course which is more of a "serve where you are needed and pray the Senior Patrol Leader is there" position but I have to say I also enjoyed being Chaplain on the course.  I enjoyed finding ways to bring Duty to God into the course.  On our last day, the Chaplain's Aides from each patrol made me very proud and they planned and ran the Interfaith Worship Service with very little supervision or council from me.  I got a few questions but other than that and approving and printing the program, they did it all.  It was very EDGE method.

I met my twin on this course (the SPL's future back up course director).  This man has the same blended family situation I have but he is a bit older than me and he gave me a lot of great council and a bit of inspiration in dealing with my five awesome children.  It is funny when you look at someone and sort of think you know them and then find out all the interesting things about them.

I wish a lot of my Wood Badge friends lived closer to me.  My Council is 12 Texas counties.  It is HUGE.  We service 40,000 Scouts with only 45 professionals and 16,000 adult volunteers.  We stretch wide and far!  

I hope to staff again but I am to the point where I know I won't staff every year or even ever again.  I want to though but that is very selfish of me.  Others can do as good, if not better than me as a staffer.  I am constantly meeting good Scouters who I say "Man, he/she would be good on a Wood Badge course!"  I can refocus on my family for a little bit and hopefully work through the bumps of life called the teenage years.  The child I am most concerned about met me at the door when I came home and waited patiently for me to hug and kiss her.  It has been a long time since she has wanted this.

If you haven't been to Wood Badge, GO!!!

If you are ever asked to staff Wood Badge, SAY YES!!

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