Thursday, September 5, 2013

Youth Lead - LDS Style - LET THEM LEAD!

One of my Scouts made a comment to me recently about a Stake wide youth activity.  He said "I don't understand why we plan one thing on the Stake Youth Committee and then the adults change it.  Why even involve me?"

I think this is a classic burn on adults who "say one thing but doing another" when it comes to youth leadership.  You cannot be two faced about this with youth or you loose total respect from them!  Why would a young man or young woman want to take time out of their busy schedule to travel to the Stake Center once a month to plan an activity (or activities) to have their effort thrown out so easily by adults who appear to have the attitude of "we know better"?

LET THEM LEAD!!!  Let them lead for crying out loud.  These are the Church's leaders of tomorrow and instead of letting them plan and implement for better or worse, we let them "fake lead" and then do things behind their back.  Talk about a lack of trust.  We as leaders of this Church with great youth have got to do a better job at teaching them how to lead and then stepping back and actually letting them lead!

Let them lead!!!



As a small side note, the Bishopric asked my Teacher's Quorum President to do a service project  (I know you are going to hate this but I didn't attend due to my son's football game!  Don't kill me!) and yesterday this boy along with his awesome dad planned and implemented this whole service project (with the Troop and Crew) without so much as a word of advice from me.  Talk about a learning experience for this boy - letting him lead with his dad giving him advice.  I was even told the boy handed out assignments and everyone was always busy.  What a bonding experience for this boy and his father!!  Three cheers for a Dad who would let his son lead!

A Varsity Coach's dream!!

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