Monday, September 23, 2013

Wood Badge bound again!! And loving every minute of it.

Wow.........6 months have FLOWN by.  Seriously.

This past Saturday we had a work day up at the Beautiful Camp James Ray.  I didn't have much to do so I put my skills to use helping others and enjoyed it much more than I thought.  I go to know the hilarious Assistant Course Director and just died laughing at some of his jokes.  It was awesome.  I love Camp James Ray.  Other courses are using a camp surrounded by highways (i.e. you need earplugs to sleep at night) and I am so personally lucky to live 60 minutes away from the camp we will be using.

This is a Sunday observant course (hence it tends to be more LDS participants though over 50% are NOT LDS).  It is a good mix and I can't wait to see these participants blend. 

As the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader I have a lot more responsibility than I originally thought I had but my main goal is to support my wonderful SPL in her position and make sure that she looks good and whisper in her ear when we have missed things.  I will do all her dirty work and fill in wherever I need to.  She told me my biggest responsibility was to make sure she drinks enough water which I think is hilarious.  It isn't beneath me to get her water and encouraging her to chug her water.  We might be toasting a lot to encourage water consumption. 

I love Wood Badge so much and know that this is going to be an awesome experience for 50+ participants and 20+ staff as learn together and work together.  I am working with some great people who have shown me a lot of love and respect when they barely know me.  I am also very grateful for the SPL asking for me as her assistant.  I loved working for her training new Scouters when we were in the same District together. 

The weather took a turn this weekend for the cooler side.  We are going to be lucky to see low 90's during the day and 60's during the night.  It is so awesome to see the cooling in the weather.  I love Texas but the summer heat is a killer.  I hope we see some awesome weather during weekend #1 but hopefully more beautiful weather for weekend #2. 

Small side note:

My pinched nerve is acting up with all the walking I have been doing and with Saturday's work day up at camp.  My hope is that it will be OK.  I walked 42 miles last week and I have a work out plan for Wood Badge so I don't get out of shape.  My ultimate goal is to be Philmont bound next summer and I am 15 pounds closer to that goal.  (I got a lot to go!)  Counting calories, limiting sugar and portion control has been huge.  Over eating now causes me to get really sick and just want to lie down.  I know my stomach has shrunk big time and I am having to deal with having "fat guy" syndrome - my eyes are still bigger than my stomach - but I am learning to push away from the table and getting smaller portions. 


I wanna staff again soooo bad.  I don't want you to think that I am dreaming of a time past this course because I am not.  I just get so much from it personally.  It is a good reminder for me on how I can be a good leader.

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