Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Select Sports vs. Scouting

In two Eagle Board of Reviews recently, a father asked an Eagle candidate what is the difference between playing select sports and Scouting.  The boys kind of hit all around the answer but didn't really hit it the way this father wanted.  So he explained.......

Both you learn how to show leadership.  Both you have the opportunity to show how dedicated you are.  Both encourage you to perform.  Both show you how to do it and then let you do it.

But there is a huge difference.  Most select sports team focus on their select sport's team.  They don't worry much about teaching duty to country through citizenship or teaching duty to God.

So does this make select sports bad?  No.  It just means it fits a different purpose and a boy should have exposure to Scouting as to teach citizenship and service.  And in all honesty, I personally believe Scouting takes a lot less time.  Select sports can be all time consuming.