Monday, September 30, 2013

Learning Your Duty to God and Scouting are ETERNALLY Connected

When parents of LDS Scouts Church wide finally learn that Scouting and learning your Duty to God are ETERNALLY connected, our Scouting program will angelically change for the better.  Parents will get more involved.  Better leaders will be asked to serve.  Scouts will take it more seriously while realizing that Scouting is also fun.

Below is a conversation on Facebook after sharing this video with one of my parents who has two sons one of which is an Eagle Scout.  I totally understand that being a parent can be overwhelming.  The amount of CRAP kids have to do these days makes my head spin.  My daughter this year after rededicating herself to her grades spends countless hours studying.  I get it.  Parenting doesn't pay enough.  We just have to find the Good, Better, Best and make sure we are getting and making the most bang for our buck!  Learning our personally duty to God is on of those ways.
    • Parent of Scout and Eagle Scout:  So Fishgutts .... how do you do this? I know your family is as busy as anyone else. What specifically, nuts and bolts, do you do in order to make --- Scouts - Duty to God - Football - Grades - Family - Misc. all happen? All are equally important. I just struggle to get it ALL in.
    • Fishgutts:  I share your frustration as a leader AND as a parent who has busy kids. I think the answer is out right teaching our kids to learn their Duty to God (not the actual book and program) and teaching a boy how to personally ask the Lord what his personal duty to Him is. And then by learning that duty, that boy can set about it while at Scouts, by doing the actual Duty to God program, while being an example on a football team, while studying, while actively being a member of his family and all the other crap that tries to distract us. This wasn't mean as a stab at my Scout's parents. It is hard to balance life and I know from first hand experience. Life has us busy. But the minute we learn our Duty to God and see the vision He has for us, the easier it is to serve Him in all the things we do.
What advice do you have for this parent?

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Evenspor said...

What stands out to me is the statement that they all are equally important. Are they really equal, or would it be more accurate to say that they are all good? I think you are right that these things need to be viewed on an eternal perspective when determining what is really important (good, better, best, as you said). I also like that you put that responsibility to decide on the shoukders of the boy.