Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Your emergency is not MY emergency

As you probably remember I serve on the Advancement Committee for my District and I get a LOT of requests for Eagle Project approvals and Eagle Board of Reviews especially from the LDS units in my Stake.  This issue seems to be coming up a lot from some of their boys........

"I need my Eagle Board of Review yesterday because I have family coming in about a month and want to have my Eagle Court of Honor when they are here.  I need it fast and I need it NOW."

Look, if it is so important to have family there you should have planned to make sure all the paperwork was in order weeks ago.  I can't and won't bend the rules for you.  I won't break BSA/Council procedure for you.  I can't overlook reference letters or rush through things just to live by your schedule.

Part of the problem is most do not know the procedure and therefore want to do things the way "they have always been done".  It doesn't work like that.  Just because I am Mormon and you are Mormon doesn't give you a pass.  In fact, it upsets me that all of a sudden you act like it is so important but this is the first time I have personally heard from you to either schedule your Eagle Board of Review or to answer your questions.

I have begun telling boys (in front of Mom and Dad) that they CANNOT schedule their Eagle Court of Honor until they hear from National that their paperwork is complete.  There is no jumping the gun.

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