Monday, July 8, 2013

MTC the morning

When a boy says on Sunday "I am leaving for the MTC on Tuesday and I would like my Eagle Board of Review on Monday night." what do you say to the kid?  With a dedicated Scout leader (not me) and some promises from me to Council (basically selling my soul) to fast track paperwork, this kid had his Eagle Board of Review 7 hours before he left on a flight to the MTC.  His paperwork was a mess but this boys Scoutmaster (and not his Venturing Adviser) helped him fix most everything and got it ready to present to me and an Eagle Board of Review

Only in an LDS unit would something like this happen...............

Cut it close often???


Tory said...

One more reason to encourage kids not to wait. As it is, this kid will never get to wear his Eagle patch and he may never get to wear his medal. By the time he gets home from his mission he will be in such a different place in his life that the first time he sees his Eagle award may be 10 years from now when he's going through a box of stuff his mom packed up. In my opinion, that's not how this was meant to be.

Latter-day Scout said...

well - only because in an LDS unit he's leaving for a mission, but I've been involved with some 11th hour petitions in non-LDS units also.