Friday, May 31, 2013

Wood Badge

I keep getting the impress that the new Wood Badge course I am staffing will be cutting my position due to lack of participants.  I don't know why but that is a gut feeling.  I hope it isn't true but I will continue to prepare like I am going to be there!  I don't care about another set of beads.  I have plenty.  I just want to mentor, teach, instruct and to also learn myself.


Eric the Half-bee said...

In my council - GSLC - they cut an entire course for lack of participants. Apparently, everyone in Salt Lake County was waiting on the Church's response to the May vote at the Annual Meeting, which was still two months away!


Fishgutts said...

That is exactly the reason 2 courses (the Philmont summer course - WB 106 and my course) in my council (Circle 10) are having issues. By this time we should be 1/2 full and we are only at 1/8 full. At 30 days the Council will get rid of the "extra" course members (I think, if I remember correctly we go from about 25 staff to about 12). I am fine with being cut if it helps slim the course to be successful. I don't want to be though.

It is sad that this situation seems to have hit the BSA in so many ways. Sadder for the boys though.

Evenspor said...

The course here may be cut. It is my understanding that the courses the last two years were run with less than the 30 requisite participants, but this year the council has decided it cannot afford to run the training if not enough people sign up. So far there are 22 signed up. Cross your fingers for me that they can find at least 8 more soon enough. (Yes, one course per year for the entire council and they still have trouble finding 30 people - quite a bit of difference to our neighbors in GSLC.)