Monday, May 6, 2013

W&RFA Course - Overview

I have to say I really enjoyed the Red Cross' Wilderness and Remote First Aid Course even though it was a really, REALLY long weekend.  It was a great reminder of what things are important in emergency situations and how to evaluate problems we come across.  My group twice ran into situations (I always held back) where they should have made sure the scene was safe.  I made some awesome mistakes that will stick with me.

In our last situation, we came across three victims that were involved in shooting while hunting.  We had to get the gun away from one of the victims who's friend had been shot by another friend.  I found this situation true to what life seems to be throwing at us.   I was put in charge of a victim that would not calm down about his friend being shot so I picked him up physically and walked him away from the situation.  I then quickly grabbed his pocket knife and put it in my pocket (I have no desire to be stabbed by an emotional mess).  I then tried multiple times to sit him own before I was force to "trip" him into sitting down knowing it might be a way to control him but he also might have delayed shock.  I then made sure he was physically OK with a quick head to toe and then placed my knee over his chest.  Each time he tried to get up I would add more pressure to his check to ensure he didn't get up.  Eventually I was laying on top of this kid to make sure he didn't get in the way of his friends being treated.  Eventually the actor couldn't help but cry (happy) while laughing because I wasn't going to let him go anywhere and was wrestling him.

While I am pretty sure I won't see anything like this at Philmont (I pray not!) it served as a good reminder to survey what we are getting into and not to become a victim.  Better to be slower to respond than to have another person needing to be "saved".

PS - This course was created with the help of the BSA!

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