Friday, May 24, 2013

Home from War

Yesterday I had the opportunity to great a friend as he returned Afghanistan   His son is one of my favorite Scouts and has grown so much that when he hugged me he had to lean over to get it.  He left for almost a year and his family moved to Utah to be near his wife's family.  They returned this weekend to great him as he is still tied to a Texas National Guard unit.

I am very proud of my friend, Mike, who served with honor and was a great example to me of his dedication and his faith.

I was really touched by this group of twins dressed like flags who were greeting their father home.
I had a flood of memories return to me as my Dad spent almost 27 years in the military and I often saw him leave our house for military assignments   His longest, 18 month, was tough for me.  Out of not embarrassing myself I won't share how it was difficult for me.  He made me promise that I would have my Eagle completed on his return and after 15 months I finally got things going.  It was close but I got it done.  As I drove home I couldn't control my emotions and I cried.  Even thinking now about it, I get a bit emotional.

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