Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ban on Gays

Interesting article.  Not sure I believe everything but interesting none the less.  I encourage you NOT to read the comments on the article as it is a bash session.  I am OK with discussion but this isn't even close to a respectful back and forth.

I will say something about the article and is in relationship to femininity.   The media does hate men in my opinion.  Men are yelled at, treated like they are idiots, are idiots, etc on TV.  It drives me nuts.  One of my favorite "there is nothing else good on TV" shows is Everyone Loves Raymond.  This is an example of a show where the wife is constantly upset with the husband for everything he does and there is no good reason to ever be upset with the wife.  While this is part of the comedic humor of the show, I have to turn the channel sometimes when this show is on.  I enjoy more of the dysfunctional family dynamic.

Another example is the Lifetime Channel.  How many shows about abusive husbands being murdered or "getting their just desserts" can we have?  There is nothing funny about abuse.  There is nothing funny about pushing an agenda that men are all bad.

Here is another article on the BSA/LDS relationship.


Clarke Green said...

Any creative expression skews 'reality', and entertainment(starting with cave paintings)has always challenged and shaped our conceptions of the world. We can change channels and turn off the noise when it get's to us.
I have become comfortable with the idea that there are fewer certainties than uncertainties, that we are at our best when we focus on the things we share in common.
Anyone raising children, maintaining a marriage or a family is faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges. B.F. Skinner said “Each of us has interests which conflict the interests of everybody else... 'everybody else' we call 'society'. It's a powerful opponent and it always wins. Oh, here and there an individual prevails for a while and gets what he wants. Sometimes he storms the culture of a society and changes it to his own advantage. But society wins in the long run, for it has the advantage of numbers and of age.”

Tory said...

I have had many of the same thoughts regarding our society and treatment of men. It is illustrated so clearly in the men on Disney princess movies. Look back to Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Cinderella and you will see men who don't even have a name, but their character speaks for itself. More modern Disney princesses like Rapunzel and Tiana (princess and the frog)get stuck with men who are more immature than the little girls watching the show. I wonder if part of the reason for the decline comes from a desire to build up women. But do you have to tear down men to do it? And if that is the way to do it, does it really help the women that much?

On another note, can you imagine what the reaction would be if someone was to announce a re-make of the show "Father Knows Best"?