Monday, April 8, 2013

Your Wife

As I have been studying teen age dating as this is an issue in my life right now, I came across this picture.

I thought about what we as Scout leaders are doing to teach our Scouts about marriage, women and how we treat them.  While it definitely isn't a primary focus, it should be in the back of our minds.  My boys, unfortunate for them, get to hear me discuss my love of my wife often when we do Thorns and Roses because my wife is always my rose (I usually have many roses).  My children get to see how much I love my wife through my physicality (like the picture above) and the way I treat her around the home.  They see that disagreements can be worked out quickly without raising voices or it being a big thing.

So this morning I was thinking, what am I doing to make my Scouts a better husband??  Is it too early to be worrying about it?

My Scouts tend to be 14-15 and are probably at that phase where having a relationship of any sort is new.  Hopefully my boys know that I love my wife.  A LOT!  And hopefully they are catching on to that is how much your are supposed to love your wife.  Hopefully they know while Scouts is awesome and I love it, my family comes first with them a close second.  Hopefully I am setting a good example of a man and how he treats his wife.

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