Thursday, March 21, 2013

Response to Eric the-Half-Bee at The Voluntold

Eric posed some great questions a Scouter being called into LDS Scouting should pose to the Bishop(ric) when being called.  I have a feeling that most Bishop(ric)s won't know how the h-ll to answer his questions unless they have caught the fire of Scouting - a Bishopric that actually "gets it" is going to be rare.  So here are some questions some Bishop(ric)s should be asking future Scouters (adult leaders) whether the Bishopric get Scouting or not.
  • What can the Bishopric do to support you in fully using the Scouting program?
  • Who do you want as a dedicated assistant?  Do you need two assistants?
  • Are you willing to be fully trained within 3 months?
  • Will you attend Roundtable at least 80% of the time?  (The phrase "regularly" can be interpreted sooo many ways.)
  • Our Varsity Coach is running a true Varsity Program.  Our Crew Adviser is running a true Venturing program.  Our Scoutmaster is running a true Troop experience.  Are you willing to follow their example and run the program like it is described in BSA literature?
  • Are you willing to "let go of the program" and let the boys run the program even if it is a bumpy ride?
  • What can the Scout Committee (or the Bishopric do if they are not functioning) do to support you and your Scouts?
  • Will you attend Wood Badge with a member of the Bishopric?
  • Will you challenge the boys?
  • Will you remove the boys from their comfort zone and cause them to think outside the box?
  • Will you help create an outdoor program for the boys?
  • Will you help the program return to true Scouting like learning skills and not just passing off merit badges and ranks?
  • Scouting is more about a journey and not an end destination or rank.  Will you help these boys along the path?  How?
  • The right way trumps tradition.  We will support you.
I would probably have to pull my jaw off the floor if I was even asked a few of these when called into Scouting again after my current journey.  I have to say I have learned a few things if I were to ever serve in a Bishopric (God forbid!!!!) in relationship to how to support Scouting and Scout leaders.

The Venturing Adviser and YMP that was called when I was sits in on most of my Church and Varsity meeting.  He is now in the Bishopric.  He has done nothing but support me.  He has allowed me to allow our group of boys to go down a very bumpy roads at time and not said a word to me.  I think he gets it.  I wish more COR and Bishop(ric)s were like this.  I am still waiting for a Scout Committee though........  :)


Eric the Half-bee said...

Great questions! I'd make a minor edit to some, though: eliminate the ability to answer Yes or No. Instead of "direct, 'will-you' questionsTM," ask open ended, "how-will-you" questions, or extend a direct invite: "the Second Counselor is going to Wood Badge on (date). We'd like to invite you to attend with him"; or "What will you do to pull the boys outside their comfort zone and challenge them?"

These could also be great questions as a bishopric interviews Scouters after six months on the job, or for the On My Honor Award (Adult).

LDS Scouter said...

I love your question list! I wish more Bishoprics would ask even one or two of them...

Fishgutts said...

Eric gets the credit for these posts. I would be shocked too. I think this could even be taken further by a Stake President who starts asking Bishop(ric)s that are being called questions like "Will you go to Wood Badge within 3 months?" and "How do you plan on fully implementing the BSA's program in your ward?"