Thursday, March 28, 2013

Order of the Arrow Elections

As a Varsity Team Coach, I have run elections for 3 years.  The District OA ADULT REP............commands us to have elections.  For that purpose I am not really interested and have done them only so they will leave me alone.

So imagine my shock when I mention we need to have elections and most of my boys want to be elected.  So instead of the typical elections, the elections team came out and did not only elections last night but also did the tap out ceremony in a field right next to the Church.  It was AWESOME!!!  4 of my boys were elected and should be doing their Ordeal in May before the heat hits us.

The elections team was made up of 4 boys.  No adult.  It ran awesome and was a great example to my boys.  I don't want the adult OA rep showing up ever again.  These boys did awesome!!