Monday, March 18, 2013

New/Continued Mormon Pet Peeve

Pet Peeve: Ask a man to serve in the Bishopric after only serving a short (and awesome tenure) time in Scouting.  I wanna yell at each and every Bishop who "pads" his Bishopric instead of padding his youth programs.  Both the Young Men and Scouting AND the Young Women's program should have the best leaders in the congregation.  Second, the Primary.  Third, the Bishopric.  And everyone else after that.  Where is tenure people???????????

Example #1:  Venturing Adviser (YMP) who creates Eagle Boards of Review for boys that are very personal.  Boy who is going to be LHP for BYU gets 4 pitches on his Board (along with a RSP that is compared to Alma the Elder by the leader when introduced).  Another boy who wants to go into international business has Board members teleconference in from around the country who own and run international businesses.

Why remove this man??  I just don't get it.

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