Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cross Over Ceremony

My wife and I went to a beading for one of my participants that was scheduled at the beginning of a Cross Over Ceremony.  The cross over ceremony had a burning arrow, a monkey bridge (totally old school), two fires, a billion Scouts, 3 Troops hoping to scoop up some new Scouts and tons and tons of parents.

My non-Scouting wife summed it up in this one phrase that not only shocked me but shocked me because she can actually see a difference between LDS Scouting and regular awesome Scouting:

"Man, compared to this LDS Scouting sucks."

I guess you have to know my wife to more fully understand this.  She isn't a Scouter and didn't enjoy it when she was.  She is a very positive person and tends to see the good in all.  She is very quiet and doesn't speak much.  In one sentence, she said tons.

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