Thursday, February 7, 2013

Duty to God Month

The Varsity Captain and Co-Captains decided back in November to make February Duty to God month.  We would spend every Sunday meeting and every Wednesday (activity night) working their religious award.  Last night was the first meeting.  I watched the boys set up their chairs pointing to where I would normally sit (classroom style) and I sat somewhere else hoping that they would lead.  Soon they had rearranged their chairs into a version of a circle with the adults on the outside of the circle (AWESOME!!!).  And then they led.  It was ugly..........I mean UGLY at first but by the time our hour plus was over, it was AWESOME!  Not everyone paid attention.  Not everyone got every point they discussed.  One boy wouldn't shut up and I waited for the group to "correct" him but they showed a lot of patience.  The Captain had to have help from the Co-Captain a few times but it was exactly what I wanted it to be.

It was great to hear boys discuss their beliefs and religion together without having a teacher to force them to talk.  At one point they were told to read a section from For the Strength of the Youth and I have never heard it so quiet in one of our 5 years of Scouting.

So after the end of the class I congratulated them.  Told them what they had done right, told them I was proud of them and told they they have set a wonderful model for Sunday's discussion.  I can't wait!!

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