Friday, November 9, 2012

20.5 Miles

Dallas Texas Mormon TempleThis past weekend I was asked to help supervise a sort of "trek" from my daughters.  Her youth group traveled from our most southern Chapel in our Stake to the Temple.  It is a trip of 18.3 miles.  There were three men asked to accompany a large group of girls (17) and about 6 women.  We started at 4:45 AM and arrived at the Temple at about 1 PM.  Our goal was to get us there sooner but we go lost.  I questioned the directions and the guy leading us but he was firm and that ended up adding about 2 miles to our trip.  It is amazing how short 20 miles sounds but in all actuality my feet were feeling it about 10 miles.  They were sore like no other.

One daughter told me her thigh hurt and she wanted to get a ride part of the way.  One daughter's knee started to hurt to where she was limping.   Some leaders were shadowing us in vehicles.  In fact, both were limping.  I told them that I wanted them to finish the trek on foot especially since so many of the girls who had not done the practice walks were dropping like flies.  They had made every practice   They had put in their time!!  They were tough and probably upset with me but they finished.

The next day they were no longer limping and appeared grateful that they had finished the whole thing on their own power.  They are tough.  In a previous post, a member of the Area 70 told a boy that Scouting encouraged boys to do hard things.  This was the case for these girls.  I am very, very, VERY proud of my daughters for doing what they have accomplished that day!!  They should be able to brag just a bit that they did over 20 miles and they walked the whole way!!

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