Thursday, October 25, 2012

Should the Church divorce the BSA?

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Evenspor said...

I could write a whole essay here (or two or three), but I'll just pick on one of his points to make mine. I think it's funny that he mentions the hoards of saints who have no desire to ever be a den leader. We can assume, I think, this is due to an apprehension over being babysitter (or activities director, if you prefer) to a group of rowdy 8-year-old boys.

However, if the Church were to drop Scouting, it would be replaced with some other activity program. There would still be a need for leaders of 8-year-old boys, but those leaders would not have the advantage of a long-established program, training, resources, round table, etc to help them do their job. They'd have to make it up as they go; find their way in the dark (I realize this is what many leaders are already doing, but they don't have to).

The other reason I think it is funny is because I've been there. I didn't want to be a den leader, but I did it, and I'm better for it. As long as I continue to try to "go where He wants me to go and be what He wants me to be" I am sure I will have many more experiences that I don't want to have but I end up better for them. (BTW, was it just me, or did that seem to be one of the themes of the most recent conference?)

If the prophet were ever to stand up and say, "No more Church Scouting," I would accept that as the Lord's plan. In the meantime, this is what the Lord wants for His church (not President Monson or some vague "they) .

Fishgutts said...

I get really sick of members telling me the Church is going to drop the BSA. It gets really old really quick. So I guess just like Scouting, we should probably do a crappy job preparing and waiting for Christ to return too? I wanna slap every member that tells me this. If they can't see the good in the program and how it has changed youth mens lives, fine don't see it -- and stay the heck away from the program. I don't want them touching it. I have faith that those who know it and love it and those who don't know it and will soon love it will continue to provide a quality program for the boys.

I didn't want to a Scout leader either but it took a year before I was all in too.

Great catch of that being the theme in Conference.

Evenspor said...

That's the thing. This person sounds completely ignorant of Scouting and of the LDS-BSA relationship. In addition, his bias is guiding his judgement. So I wouldn't put an ounce of confidence behind what he says.