Friday, September 28, 2012

You decide

I met with a Varsity Scout this past Sunday about his advancement.  His guardians want him to become Eagle like their son but this boy doesn't seem all that interested.  The guardians state that the boy has been very active in his very out of my state Troop but when I requested the records, he is a Star Scout with 6 merit badges at age 15.  The guardians keep telling me that they are not going to give him a choice about becoming an Eagle at which point I shared with them Mike Rowe's Letter.  His male guardian has become his drill instructor in life and it hasn't been helping build bridges with the boy.  Hopefully this will show them that it really is up to the boy.  So I scheduled a sit down with everyone to talk.

In the talk we discussed that soon he will reach a time where he won't get to choose if he wants to be Eagle. Time will not work in his favor.  I presented a plan to him to earn Eagle by 18, told him I was there for him not only Scouting wise but also as his Church youth adviser and then I told him he had a week to think about it, pray about it and decide.  Then I clearly told his guardians by telling him that no one can force him to Eagle.  He must choose.  I told him either way I expect him to be active in Scouts because Scouting is fun and we have had a ton of fun lately.

This boy has a lot of challenges one of which is a brain tumor which he will be having surgery for soon.  Other includes parent drama that keeps nagging at him.  But the kid is a solid kid and a typical teenager.  Some have forgotten what teenagers are like.  I like him a lot.  He is the voice of a lot of "little men" in my group.  He sticks up for those who don't always want to share their voice.

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Eric the Half-bee said...

Training parents is so much harder than training youth. Occasionally, you'll find one who gets it.