Friday, September 7, 2012

You are a true Boy Scout

A member of my congregation called me stating that her car wouldn't start and wondered if I could come over to help jump her car.  I work from home and I home school one of my kids (this will probably only last this year only).  This family and mine share a ton of similarities including blending.  I HT them for a long time and was a mediocre HTer.

I went over, pushed her car out of her garage to line it up with my car and jumped her car.  Her kids had been in the car waiting to go get hair cuts and were all sweaty.  I got her up and running quickly and told her if she had problems until her husband came home to give me a call.

Later that day she placed this comment on my Facebook page:  "You are true Boy Scout sir!"

Are we as adult leaders just leaders or are we also Boy Scouts?

Scouting is so important that the very best man in an LDS ward should be the Scoutmaster. - Bishop Bradley Harris  
"Third, I encourage local priesthood leaders to call to service as Aaronic Priesthood advisers men [President Monson includes Scoutmasters in here in this article] who are models for the young men to follow. A returned missionary, fresh from the mission field, blossoming with testimony, is often such a model. A young Aaronic Priesthood holder can say, “That’s the type of man I want to follow.”...............We are setting an example, through that Aaronic Priesthood adviser. Let us make certain he is a role model worthy of emulation." - Seven Steps to Success with Aaronic Priesthood Youth, Ensign Feb. 1985 


Tory said...

There's another quote that I think fits with your thoughts here:

"The Scoutmaster teaches boys to play the game by doing so himself." - Robert Baden-Powell

The simple fact is that boys will follow the example of their leaders, whatever it may be.

Fishgutts said...

Great quote Tory!