Thursday, September 13, 2012

Patience and understand but values unchanging

One of my daughters from Trek posted this video of Elder Holland on her Facebook page today.  It touched me how he discussed how we must not be so judgmental  but how we must temporarily judge (he notes a difference between being judgemental and judging something) things to make sure we are spiritual, physically and emotionally OK and stay away from sin.  I paraphrase but he said "We should try to be our best to help other to be their best."  He encourages us to reach out to those who are not like us.

I think Scouting does most it can to be inclusive and help its leaders and Scouts to encourage all the diversity we can.  True there are some that say the BSA is not inclusive in its membership rules but that isn't the point of this post.

So I encourage you to be a friend of all no matter what they look like or what they believe even if their values are different than yours.  Politicians could learn a lot from this.

I talked with a member of my ward who shares the name of the police officer Elder Holland mentioned in his talk.  The attitude of the police officer is so similar to the guy in my ward.  Come to find out they are brothers.  Both are AWESOME men.  I know for sure first hand for one of them and from Elder Holland on the other.

One of Elder Holland's best talks is located here.  This is an Ensign to me as a leader and we changed the way we do things because of it.

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