Thursday, September 20, 2012

District wasting away

Our Stake has an awesome opportunity to save our BSA district.  Less than 50% of all positions are filled.  The LDS rep for the District Committee has stopped showing up and now the District is looking for me to answer all questions Mormon.  While I don't mind, I am sure the Stake does not want me speaking for them.  And why are not more Mormons stepping us and filling positions and helping this struggling District?  Who do I call without stepping on the "lines of authority" of the Church and offending anyone?

Basically I guess I am just going to start offending people and stepping over lines of authority and just inviting people to serve.  We all know what will happen if these jobs are filled as "callings".  They won't get done.  Plain and simple.  It is time to put our shoulder to the wheel and PUSH!!!

As a side note............

Last month the District Committee was trying to find a place to have the District Awards Dinner.  The Church they used last year was overpriced for a half sized District and they were trying to cut corners anywhere they could.  I asked why they could not used the LDS Church we were meeting in and where we hold Roundtable.  They sort of looked at me in disbelief.  I told them if they wanted a FREE place to use that would have volunteers to put up tables and chairs for them, than the current building we were sitting in was the place.  It had a stage and had a microphone system.  Then came the issue of ice tea.  I told them that if they didn't mention it to any other Mormons, I wouldn't either.

Probably get myself into some trouble since they have banned coffee being brewed in our buildings but in the end this meeting serves more of our LDS youth than it doesn't because we have more units than anyone else.  I can't believe ice tea would be an issue to not allow them into our building.  This is where I can see that eletist issue coming up again.  Hopefully I squashed it though.

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