Sunday, August 5, 2012

University of Scouting 2013

The time has come for final selection of classes for the University of Scouting 2013.  Here is the final selection on classes:

  • What is Varsity Scouting?Differences between Troop, Team and Crew – Basic class on what Varsity Scouting is and how it works.  Basic class.
  • History of Varsity Scouting
  • Varsity Leader Specific Training (all day class – 3 2-hour sessions) – Break Varsity Leader Specific into three classes.  The training is already broken into 3 sessions listed below. 
    • Session One:  Setting Out – The Role of the Varsity Coach
      • Course Overview through Team Organization
      • Team Meetings through Team Leader’s Meetings
    • Session Two:  Mountaintop Challenge: The Outdoors/Sports Program and Advancement Program
      • The Sizzle of the Outdoor Program through Nuts and Bolts of the Outdoor Program
      • Outdoor Program Squad/Group Activity through Advancement
    • Session Three:  Pathways to Success – Program Planning and Team Administration
      • Program Planning through Paperwork
      • Finances through Other Training Opportunities
  • Utilizing the Varsity Committee & Varsity Scout Parents
  • How to Plan a Varsity High Adventure – Ideas on planning Varsity Team’s High Adventure.
  • Varsity Scouting for the “Real World” – Actual application of the Varsity Program in units.  Less text book, more hands on and experience led discussion on how the Team works.
  • Mountain Man Events
  • Varsity Annual Calendar Based on the Five Fields of Emphasis (Advancement, High Adventure, Personal Development, Service, and Special Programs)
  • How to use a Varsity Program Manager – 

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