Friday, July 6, 2012

Weird Scouting Dream

A couple nights ago I had a dream that two Apostles from the LDS Church were in town and asked to speak to me.  I thought that was odd and really didn't want to meet with them.  Anyway, with the influence of my wife I met with them.

They said that they had spoken with the Stake President and he had given them my name to start a "pilot" LDS Scouting program in my area.  Each ward (or congregation) would keep their Scouting units but the Stake was going to pilot a "super" BSA Troop.  This unit would be an example of how Scouting was supposed to work in the Church and all boys from all congregations in the area would apply to the Troop and I could accept or deny their membership depending on how involved (or good a Scouter) they were going to be.  The more dedicated boys I was supposed to accept but I could only accept 45 boys out of 11 congregations, Troops, Team and Crews.  In the end, they were hoping to see how many boys wanted to be in a Stake "super" unit and how many were OK with the regular units.

They asked me to serve as Scoutmaster.  I was very surprised especially since I have NO experience as a Scoutmaster.  My experience is 5 years of Varsity Coaching.  To me at first, it appeared that the program was EXTREMELY exclusionary and put me in a very weird spot to tell people they couldn't join.  They assured me that I had the Stake President's support and not to worry.

I walked out shaking my head because the program and my position came from the "high ups" from the LDS Church.

I wonder what this dream is trying to tell me.  With no Team drama at the moment I have contemplated asking to be replaced per a conversation I had a few months ago with the Bishop.  I don't want to do it because of the two other men I serve with.  Plus, without sounding prideful, I don't think my replacement would be able to fulfill the needs of the unit (previous leaders have been dodge-ball coordinators and hangout buddies).  I have some GREAT relationships with most of the boys and I think I might regret leaving them.

Or it could have just been a silly dream............

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