Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Varsity Scout

New Varsity Scout moves into our unit.  Isn't really excited about Scouts but he and I have a decent relationship already.  Side note: Each week at Church, the boys teach each other out of the Preach My Gospel manual in preparation for mission service.  This has been very successful especially in identifying those who have an easier time teaching whatever the topic might be.  This new Varsity Scout is excellent.  He teaches very well.

I contact great uncle and great aunt about his advancement records (he lives with them).  They send me to his old Scout leader.  That becomes problem #1.  Why don't they know where he is at?  Problem #2 is unit has no clue where he is at and doesn't have an advancement records for him.  SERIOUSLY???  They send me to the Council.  This alarms me because if the unit doesn't have records for the Scout, why the heck would the Council?

Most LDS Scouters and LDS Units suck eggs.  I know there are exceptions but those who suck those eggs make the rest of us look really, really, really bad.  I seriously can't believe they have NO record or anything to send to me to at least look like they know what they are doing.  So now not only does my own unit make things difficult on my by the lack of support of a Scout Committee but some unit half way around the US makes my job more difficult.

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