Friday, June 8, 2012

Scout Camp is coming..........

Scout Camp is on Monday.  I am excited and not at the same time.

The temperatures are supposed to be in 98 degree range all week.  Guess I will be swimming a lot.  It is interesting that all but one boy going is a Varsity Scout and so I guess it is a good thing I am going.  Coming back to the amount of work I will have is just overwhelming.  I think that is an under-statement too.  BUT that being said, I am going to get us there, checked in, get boys to where they need to be and then relax.  I am going to have fun for a week.  I am going to fish, swim and hopefully take a BSA Lifeguard class.  It will be great to spend long term time with the boys including my son.  I think I have everything I need and everything the boys will forget.  :)

I am sure things will be fine.  I know I am just stressing about stupid stuff.

My Camp box.
All my gear.

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Brian Reyman said...

Have fun! Scout Camp can be a great time, but most especially a time for dads to bond with their sons. It's always amazed me the amount of effort it sometimes takes to get fathers to spend time with their sons in these situations.

Looking forward to a story or two when you get back.