Friday, June 22, 2012

Invitation to be Eagle Mentor


I am looking for some men and women to serve as Eagle Mentors in the ward.  This isn't a "calling" as most jobs in Scouting are volunteer but you are still able to receive revelations for a boy you help.  It is one of those "extra" callings.  It is an easy calling that takes literally about 5 minutes a week with an extra 30 minutes a month if you get the boy to do something. 

The goal of an Eagle Mentor is to help motivate those working towards the rank of Eagle.  Currently in our ward we have about 5 boys who are sitting at Life Scout and have been for a LONG time.  Literally most have been sitting there for years.  I have gone into their homes and shown them the paperwork and the process on earning Eagle and I get blank looks from the boy and parents.  One of your goals may just be to truly find out if a boy wants to earn Eagle of if he is just doing it for Mom and Dad.  I currently serve on the District Advancement Committee.  I also serve as the Varsity Coach and am in the Young Men's Presidency.  So the boys see me a lot.  So this may be a reason why they don't respond to me asking them how it is going towards Eagle.  I think it would be a great idea to have more resources for these boys to look at especially not leaders they see at least twice a week.

Training takes literally 30 minutes.  Plus if you have any questions, I will gladly be available any time to answer questions.  I am looking into having you registered and you taking in-person Youth Protection.  If your plate is too full with other callings, jobs and life I totally understand.  I would rather know that ahead of time so that I can assign a person who is available to help.  Helping mold the minds of the young men of our Church offers great and wonderful blessings.  My life has been greatly blessed as I have served for 5 years in the Scouting program in our ward and I know you life will be too.

If you have any suggestions for others in the ward who would be great Eagle Mentors please let me know.

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