Friday, June 1, 2012

Bunny Boots

I was a little nostalgic today and was looking around looking at the foreign Air Force Base I grew up on in Panama and then moved on to some memories from my mission.  Wearing these was on of the great memories of my mission.

Bunny boots used by US paratroops to keep their feet warm.  They have a valve on the side of them to open and close a bladder.  I remember my feet roasting in them.  I hated wearing them because my feet were always too hot.  And I hated taking off my shoes at people's houses (as is the custom in Alaska) because they were so sweaty.  I know a member of our congregation sold them on the side of the road and he sold them to missionaries for 50% off ($60 in 1995).  Still very pricey.  I wonder if Scouts wear these in cold climates?

I also used to wear one of these in brown with an arctic hood (this hood is HUGE).  It is literally 18 inches longer than the tip of my nose so you can hide your face from the wind.  Mine also had huge lower pockets that I could fit an army's worth of stuff into.

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