Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Cell Phone

I just purchased a phone that placed me into the 21st Century.  I don't like having people able to get a hold of me 24-7.  That being said, if you need someone to kill in Scramble for Friends, I am your man!  I don't mind loosing.  It is fun.

There is a great app out there to help keep track of Scouting requirements and it includes VARSITY!  I love it!
BSA On-The-Go is a great app!!



Evenspor said...

Is that the same as "Words with Friends" (by Zynga)? That's the only "with friends" app I have on my tablet. I think my user name is Evenspor there too, if anyone wants to look me up.

Fishgutts said...

Scramble with Friends is BETTER than Words with Friends. It is like Boggle on steroids.

Evenspor said...

That one is not available for Kindle yet. Bummer.